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Year 4 Class Information

Welcome message from Year 4 teachers Mrs Roach, Miss Tate and Mrs Wright


We have a variety of home learning activities that you can complete at home with your log in details. Please send us a message on DB Primary if you do not have any of your passwords to access the learning platforms. Please find more information below.











Home Learning- Maths

As part of their home learning, we expect children to access the following websites daily to support them in developing their maths skills. 



Further maths activities set by the class teacher can also be found on dbprimary, which can be accessed through the school website. 




Home Learning-Writing

As part of their home learning, we expect children to practise their spellings daily on the following website:


In addition to this, children should be practising their punctuation and grammar skills through the following websites:


DB Primary


Home Learning-Reading

Children are expected to read to an adult daily and discuss the text. Question prompts to support your child's comprehension of the texts that they are reading can be found on the link below:


Further reading support can be found at:


D B Primary 

Home Learning

Daily math's 

1. Write today's date in Roman Numerals.

2. 7 x 7 =

3. 1425 + 2317 =

4. Round 562 to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000

5. 7/16 + 2 / 16 + 7/16 =

6. 123 x 3 =

7. 317 + 256 =

8. 6324 - 1549 =


Below are some documents that contain a selection of activity sheets. These need to be completed by the end of the week. We would suggest that you choose one activity from each document daily.


Daily Writing Challenge

Question time!

Who is the bear on the platform?

Why is he all alone at a train station?

Who wrote the tag around his neck?

What lies beneath his bright, red hat?

Why can’t the bear stay at the station?

In what way is this bear similar/different to a ‘normal’ bear?

What will happen to the bear next? What does it mean by ‘this particular bear’s journey was really just beginning’?


Sentence challenge!


Can you use your senses to describe what lies underneath the bear’s hat?

As he reached under his hat he could feel______. He could smell the delicious scent of ________.Hungrily, he placed it all into his mouth, tasting the __________. As the train pulled out of the station, the bear could hear________. He looked up at __________.

Sick sentences!


These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

A bear stood on the platform. He wore a coat and hat. He carried a suitcase. He held out a paw.


Further Learning Support

In addition to the links to the learning platforms we have provided above, there are some additional websites which are FREE to sign up to and provide a wealth of activities to support your children's learning. The links to these useful websites can be found below:










www.bbc.co.uk (learning zone) 


Teaching Staff in Year 4:

4Believe Class Teacher: Mrs Roach

4Respect Class Teacher: Miss Tate and Mrs Wright (covering Miss Whittaker's maternity leave)

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Priestley, Mrs Hardwick and Mr Holt.

This Terms News:

Any important news for the current term can be found here. 

  • PE is on a Monday and Wednesday. On Mondays, children will be involved in Sky Try Rugby sessions with Warrington Wolves. Please ensure that your child has the correct PE kit in school every week. The PE consists of a white T-shirt, black shorts or leggings and pumps. Trainers may be worn for outdoor PE.


We expect children to read to an adult at least 3 times per week. Please can you sign the children's reading records at home so that we have a record of the work they are doing at home. Children are expected to change their reading books independently when they need a new one. Please encourage children to do this as soon as they come into school in the morning if this is something they need to do.


Children will be set one piece of Maths and English homework per week. Homework will be given out on a Friday and children will be asked to return it to school on the following Wednesday.

Spellings will be given out once every two weeks when the children will be given a new spelling rule to learn. We ask that the children practise these spellings 3 times per week by writing them out in their books.

Times Table Rockstars

The children in Year 4 will be sitting a national online times tables test in June. This test will determine whether children can recall their times tables fluently, which is essential for their future success in Mathematics. It is therefore important that children practise their times tables as much as possible. We expect the children to access TT Rock Stars at least 3 times a week.


The children may bring in fruit for their snack, or toast is available for them to buy at 25p per slice. If your child brings in grapes to school, please can you ensure that they are cut in half to avoid choking.


This term we will be focusing on learning how to carry out a written method for multiplication and division.


Our focus book for this term is 'Leon and the Place Between'. We will be using this story as a stimulus for writing our own first person recounts.


Our Science topic for this half term is States of Matter.


This term we will be continuing to learn about Europe, with our focus being on mountainous regions and the main rivers.


This half term we will be completing our work on Antoni Gaudi and finishing our mosaic pieces.


This term we will begin our work on developing our sewing skills.


We will continue our work on learning colours in Spanish and begin to learn the Spanish vocabulary for animals.


Our focus this term is on Jazz music. We will be evaluating the music of different Jazz artists.


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