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Remote Education at Beamont Primary School

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January 2021

Our Remote Education Provision Parents Information document can be seen below.  This will be kept under regular review.

Reception children make use of Tapestry and Zoom.

Years 1 to 6 make use of DB Primary class pages and Microsoft Teams for live lessons.

Our remote education curriculum offer aligns our classroom teaching and learning with our online teaching and learning as we aim to maximise opportunities for pupil learning and support parents and carers at home.


We have recieved many positive comments about our remote education offer - thank you.

We have also recieved many constructive comments and suggestions to improve, which we have acted on as shown in the table below:


You said... We did....
You want timetables so that you know what time the children start sessions, have breaks, have lunch, etc. We have produced these and sent them out to you and put them on your child's DB Primary class page.
For our younger children, you have asked us to provide reminders of independent tasks at the end of live inputs as children sometimes forget. Reception teachers are clarifying these on Tapestry after each Zoom session.



Positive feedback....
Big help, thanks.
I think you are all doing an amazing job!  It's going to have teething problems but it's expected.  Well done to all.
It's fantastic not every primary school does online lessons.  It's a massive help.
I can't fault you with all the help and support that you're giving the children in these tough times x chin up Beamont we can do it x
Great job!  Literally couldn't do homeschooling without my kids teachers and these team meetings.
Thank you very much.
Well done to all the staff I think you are all doing an amazing job can't fault any of the staff through these hard times.
I think the reception teachers are all doing a fab job with the remote learning, (my child) is loving doing the zoom lessons and is always putting her hand up and answering the questions.. ☺️ (She loves when she’s chosen to answer them)
Thank you to all the staff, we appreciate all your hard work. 
This week has been so much smoother and easier from both a parent and a child point of view so thank you for making the changes and listening.
I just wanted to pass on....that I have been seeing a lot of very positive feedback from parents of Beamont children....From a parent point of view the offering that Beamont are providing the children with in regards to home-schooling is amazing....well done.


Parents Information Document

Remote Education - Parents Information Document

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