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Nursery Information


This half term, we will be focusing the majority of our activities with the children on the story The Enormous Turnip and Oliver's Vegetables. Both of these stories look at foods and healthy eating. Nursery will be learning to retell the story using our Talk for Writing actions. Each week we will send a Rhyme of the Week home for your child to practise with you, this will also contain up to date information about any events taking place in Nursery.

To help your child succeed in their learning, we encourage the children to be independent in our setting. You can also promote this at home by letting themselves get dressed, putting their shoes on, eating their lunch and looking after their own belongings. 

We will provide learning journeys for each child on our online forum Tapestry. This will keep you up to date on your child's learning in nursery and will contain photos and observations of child-led and adult-led learning. We encourage you to also update Tapestry with photos of anything that you are doing at home. 

Here are a list of websites that you can use to extend your child's learning at home:






Rhyme of the Week

WB 7.09.2020 I can sing a rainbow.


WB 14.09.2020 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star


WB 21.09.2020 The animals went in two by two












An overview from Nursery Teacher, Miss Muttock:

Nursery Organsation

PE for Nursery will be Friday.

Snacks - snack price for this half term will be £6 per child. 

Lunch - 30 hour children must bring in a packed lunch each day.

Please can you ensure your child has a bag in Nursery which contains a change of clothes, including underwear.

Children do not need to bring in water bottles, we will provide the children with water and milk. 

Staff Information

Name of Teacher: Miss Muttock (currently teaching in Reception)

Teaching Assistants: Miss Bramhall 



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