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Visits and residential trips

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We will try to plan for the children to go out to enhance their learning often. Trips out might be in the local area and involve walking to and/or from a location, or further away, which might involve mini bus/ coach travel. Usually, trips and visits will be planned well in advance, but we will also repsond to opportunties as they arise if we believe it enhances the children's learning and can be well managed.

All trips and visits out of school are carefully risk assessed and are always led by qualified staff to suit the nature of the trip.

Residential visits

We offer opportunities for the children to stay away from home in Years 2, 4 and 6.

The children in Year 2 spend one night away at Fox Howl outdoor education centre.

The children in Year 4 spend two nights away in Conway at the Cheshire Outdoor Education Centre.

Our Year 6 children go away for four nights to Manor Adventure in Wales.

Participating in residential visits is optional, but we encourage children and parents/ carers to take these opportunities. We know that they provide many special memories.

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