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SEND at Beamont:

Anna Titchner - Assistant Headteacher SENCO(3)

SEND at Beamont:

Joanne Warburton

Warrington's Local Offer:

ask ollie

Our Accessibility Audit and Plan:

To be inserted

Special Educational Needs Policy:

Pathways to Early SEND Identification at Beamont:

Guide for Parents and Carers:

SEND guide for parents - This guide sets out the law for those with special educational needs or a disability. It was produced by the Department for Education (DfE) and Mencap, 2014

Special Educational Needs and Disabiities guide for Parents and Carers - This document, Special educational needs and disability, is produced as a guide for parents and carers, published in August 2014, by the DfE.

Should you wish to discuss any aspect of our provision for children with special needs, or our accessibility plan, please do not hesitate to contact our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo), Mrs Titchner, at school, or speak to your child's class teacher.

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