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Social stories on Coronavirus:

Here are a few stories that help to explain the Coronavirus and what is happening right now in the world. We hope they help you.


Mental Health Support:

Mental Health Support 

Mental health support is still available during COVID 19, below is a link to a Public Health England - Guidance for parents and carers on supporting children and young people's mental health and wellbeing during the coronavirus pandemaic. 


I have also attached some resources you can use with your children to support with any anxieties or worries 

anxiety pics

Calming down ideas:

There have been a lot of changes since the Coronavirus arrived and this may make us feel anxious or worried at times. To help you calm down when you feel anxious or nervous you can try doing some of these calming techniques. I know they help me! 

Breathing(1)I can calm myself down(2)
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