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Mission Statement


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Our Vision


At Beamont we will do our best to help every learner – pupil, family member, staff, governor - achieve their best, believe they can, supporting all to make progress. Within our place of learning, we will promote the personal development of all; with a focus on respect, honesty and truth, we want to develop self-belief, positive self-esteem and confidence. We will work together, promote collaboration, be inclusive, provide equality of opportunity, share achievements, help all feel that they belong, whilst moving forward in our learning. We aim to make learning as engaging as possible, making it fun, enjoyable and personalised to capture the interests of all learners – find the joy in learning. We will support and nurture the development of resilient, determined learners who join us at any time in the school life, from any starting point, so that they will leave us great. Through great teaching and a caring, purposeful ethos, we will inspire all to aspire to great things; to become the best they can be.

As a member school of Warrington Primary Academy Trust, we also believe in an overarching guiding principle: 
"To deliver a first class education through partnership, innovation, school improvement and accountability"


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