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Parent Voice - March 2022

In response to the feedback, we have:

  • Our Assistant Headteacher will work to devise a strategy to increase parental involvement in school life, recognising that this feedback may be as a result of the pandemic.  This starts with seeking the views of parents and carers as to how to they would like to be involved, two opportunities this term for a 'brew and catch up' with the Headteacher for parents and carers, informal opportunities for parents and carers to visit the school to see learning in action, re-introduce opportunities for parents and carers to be in the classroom for subject focused visits.

Parent Voice - November 2021

Following our survey in November 2021, the biggest area identified for us to address was how well parents and carers know what their children are doing in school.  We have started to send home half termly overviews to parents and carers with some brief knowledge on, which can then be supported by the full range of medium-term plans and Knowledge Organisers on the school's website.

Comments on our feedback forms included:

  • [child] has transferred from another school.  This hasn't affected him at all you have and the children have made him very welcome, he is very happy to be here.

  • Love the new uniform, looking forward to September.

  • [child] and I have loved our time at this school.  You have helped my son grow into a confident, empathetic human being.

  • Fantastic school, thank you

  • Problems with bullying in the past.  However resolved with regular contact with Headteacher/ class teacher.

  • [child] has settled really well.  She seems to gained  lot of confidence and is very happy here.  Well done in supporting [child] in her new school!

  • Thank you

  • Year 1 team are amazing!

  • Thank you for all your work.

  • [child] moved to Beamont mid Year 5 and her development educationally and socially has been fantastic.  [child] is very happy at Baemont.

  • Very happy with progress and contact from school regarding any issues.  Both are very happy in school life.

  • All is well and fine.

  • We once had a problem with another classmate, but now they've sorted it.

  • All staff are extremely helpful, friendly and professional.  My child feels valued and included and as paretns we feel listened to.

  • Since [child] joined in Year 2 he has come on leaps and bounds, from below where he should be to at age related expectations.  He is so happy here.

  • Love the new uniform!

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