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Victoria Roach(1)

Mrs V Roach

Beamont is a great school to work in with an amazing team who work hard and want the best for our children. Pupils at our school are polite, hard working, pioneering and a pleasure to teach. 

Mrs N Badley

I absolutely love working at Beamont - what an absolute pleasure it is.  I am so lucky to teach the most hard-working, thoughtful and inspiring young people.

The Headteacher’s high expectations and clear vision are apparent in the leadership and management of the school and the way she prioritises staff well-being and professional development is clear. 

The staff at Beamont are dedicated and supportive of each other and always strive to be even better than they already are.  It's great to see everyone work together to provide the best teaching and experiences for our children, ensuring that children’s well-being and happiness is at the core of everything that we do. 


Mrs A Powell

My favourite thing about working at Beamont is the children! I love meeting the children in the corridor and seeing how happy and smiley they are and always so polite!

Mrs Alison Powell - Admin Assistant
Mrs Sheila Hankey - Admin Assistant

Mrs S Hankey

The children in Beamont are polite and well mannered, it is lovely to see them when walking around the school, they are especially polite with visitors, they are a credit to the Teachers and Parents, you should be so proud of them. The staff are great to work with. The Head teacher and staff are very approachable.

Mr S Wernham

Beamont Primary School is an excellent school to teach at and be a part of. The committed staff provide high quality teaching whilst also being supportive and considerate to the needs and happiness of each child. It is a pleasure to be a part of this school, and the resilient, hard-working pupils are a testament to the culture that has been built by all involved here. 

Mr Sam Wernham - Teacher

Miss F Maio

I feel so lucky to be a teacher to the amazing children at our school. Our children make each day very special and it is a pleasure to teach them. Equally, the staff make every day feel just as special with their never ending and consistent support. Together as a team we work together to navigate the rewards and challenges of teaching, with a smile and a sense of humour. 

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