Art & Design


  • Art at Beamont Primary Academy will be taught as part of a creative knowledge-rich curriculum, with skills that will progress through each year group to ensure a deep understanding of mark making, drawing, painting, sculpture, textiles, printing and collage.  Children will learn explicitly about local, national and international artists using the language and vocabulary of art. We have a high number of Pupil Premium children at Beamont (44%), this art curriculum will endeavour to provide these children with experiences to use and experiment with the above media. We will provide the children with meaningful learning opportunities, using with a variety of resources and materials and provide social and cultural experiences that many of our children would not be exposed to.
  • As is reflected in all areas of the curriculum, art will be developed on prior learning through well- sequenced and cohesive lessons. We have thought carefully and defined clear end points to which our curriculum is building towards and what children will know and do at these points. Due to the pandemic, we will ensure that gaps in knowledge are identified and planned for.  The children will have the use of their own individual sketchbooks that will follow them through their primary school journey. These will be used to allow all children to experiment with different art forms and their own styles of art, craft and design.
  • We have a high proportion of children with English as an Additional Language (24%) this Art curriculum will develop all children’s skills and techniques in art and design which will give children an additional language, a visual one. This will provide another means by which to express ideas and process thoughts. It will provide them with an opportunity to share and discuss their subjective opinions about their own work and the work of others in ways that are respectful of each other.

Concepts that are delivered through the Art and Design Curriculum:


Early Years

During the Early Years, young children will be given the opportunity to explore colour, texture, shape and form in two and three dimensions. The children will have access to a wide range of constructions, collage, painting and drawing activities, using appropriate tools and art materials. In order to tap into their artistic potential, the children will be encouraged to develop their own creative ideas.


Key Stage 1

During Key Stage 1, Art and Design is about expanding children’s creativity and imagination through providing art, craft and design activities relating to the children’s own identity and experiences, to natural and manufactured objects and materials with which they are familiar, and the locality in which they live.
• Children will explore the visual, tactile and sensory qualities of materials and processes and begin to understand and use colour, shape and space, pattern and texture, to represent their own ideas and feelings.
• Children will focus on the work of artists, craftspeople, other cultures, and sculptors and designers by asking and answering questions, such as: ‘What is it like?’ ‘What do I think about it?’


Key Stage 2

During Key Stage 2, Art and Design is about fostering children’s creativity and imagination by building on their knowledge, skills and understanding of materials and processes, through providing more complex activities. Children’s experiences help them to understand the diverse roles and functions of Art and Design in the world around them.

We use the National Curriculum to plan our Art curriculum.


Art & Design Curriculum Intent


Art & Design Long Term Plan

Long Term Plan


Medium Term Plans

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