Physical Education


At Beamont, we aim to give our children the fundamental skills to build the foundations of participating in a multitude of sporting activities. By the time children leave our school, we want them to understand and demonstrate the lifelong benefits of enjoying being physically active.

We follow the national curriculum to plan our PE curriculum. Our overall aims are:

  • For children to develop physical resilience and be exposed to collaboration and team work.
  • For children to become physically fit, develop character, learn skills and become knowledgeable about sport/physical activity. 
  • For children to develop a lifelong feeling of fun when carrying out physical activity.
  • For children to consistently progress in their development of fine and gross motor skills.
  • For children to use a varied range of vocabulary, consisting of a variation and depth of sport specific and also transferable vocabulary making a cross curricula link.



PE Curriculum Intent



Our PE long term plan runs on a cycle, ensuring that the skills and knowledge acquired from each half term can be transferred and applied to the next term, allowing children to build upon their skills throughout the year and take these with them to the next year.